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Workshop of the Slovakian Group on It's about choice

After the Training Course "It's about choice" in Berlin Slovakian group organized a workshop in Bratislava.


After workshop within their youth community Emma Slobodníková, Zuzana Firgánková, Aurel Surový and Shirley Mulonga from Slovakia shared their impressions:

During our online meeting we presented the topics to youngsters from our local community. For our part, we shared our new experiences and knowledge gained during the training course, and we discussed Islamophobia in general, various examples of Islamophobia, anti-Muslim rhetoric in Europe, and the Muslim community in Slovakia. Most importantly, we talked about several ways of fighting against Islamophobia.

The participants were also very excited and they listened very attentively and asked many questions about the topic. After the topic about Islamofobia we also told about Erasmus+, because we had some participants who had no experience with Erasmus+. We explained how it works and what good things are organised for young people, how to participate in very interesting and valuable training courses.

The participants also said at the end that they will share what they have learned today with other young people and they will definitely participate in other training courses.

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