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Workshop of the Slovakian Group on Silence Hate

Aktualisiert: 11. Jan. 2022

After the Training Course "Silence Hate" in Berlin Slovakian group organized a workshop in Bratislava.


After workshop within his youth community Ayoub Tomi from Slovakia shared his impressions:

The workshop took place on December 22nd on Zoom as there’s been very strict lockdown restrictions in Slovakia so we had to organise that online. For our project Silence hate, we introduced people with the topic, presented some practical tips what to do about it, talked about the project we took place in and showed them photos from our “spread positive vibes activity” that we did outside. In addition to that, we’ve managed to show them some national initiations and programmes who fight against hate speech.

The participants also asked us about Erasmus+, and each of us shared what experience we have with Erasmus+ and what opportunities there are with Erasmus+ and what we can learn through Erasmus+ and also share what we have learned with other young people.

That’s all I guess :)).

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