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Workshop of the Italian Group on Silence Hate

Aktualisiert: 11. Jan. 2022

After the Training Course "Silence Hate" in Berlin Italian group organized a workshop in Milan.


After workshop within her youth community Giorgia Nardi from Italy shared her impressions:

I'm Giorgia and this the description about my online workshop: During my online workshop, I introduced the main topics, which are the European Convention of Human Rights and “Hate Speech”. At the beginning I talked about the most important articles of the European Convention and I explained the reason why they are strongly connected to hate speech, also I showed the main ways to spread “hate speech” and the effect that social media can have.

In addition, we talked about online radicalisation and we discussed the main solution to avoid them on the web.

In the end, I explained what Erasmus plus projects are, my experiences and what they can do if they want to participate. The participants were also very motivated, they asked a lot of questions about Erasmus+ and I answered them, they also said that they will also participate in such interesting training courses and learn new skills.

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