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Workshop of the Romanian Group on It's about choice

After the Training Course "It's about choice" in Berlin Romanian group organized a workshop in Bucharest.


After workshop within her youth community Carmen Vancea from Romania shared her impressions:

A couple of days ago, we organised a webinar, Zoom workshop (Insights about Islamophobia in the current society) around Islamophobia, based as well on the knowledge we have acquired during the training course. We had participants from different backgrounds and the feedback was overall positive.

Objective: The objective of the zoom meeting is to provide context regarding Islam religion, extremist groups, general political aspects and to mitigate misunderstanding around Muslim religion.

Duration: 3 hours

15’: Introduction, setting expectations about the workshop

30’: Understanding Islam and Islamophobia concepts

10’: Reflection break

30’: Islamophobia manifestation across the world

30’: Responding to Islamophobia

20’: Real-life case study

30’: Practical exercise

15’: Conclusion and feedback


Pre-workshop: info kit provided with general definitions of Islam culture and religion, definitions of discrimination, racism, extremism, violence connected to Islam, different articles from several news providers in order to bring a mostly objective point of view, info regarding main events that affected public opinion on Islam.

At the end, I also told them about Erasmus+. I explained how it works and what Erasmus+ does for young people. After the workshop the participants were very motivated and they said that they will participate in such interesting training courses and share their knowledge with other young people.

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