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Workshop of the Latvian Group on ''Your New Mission''

After the Training Course ''Your New Mission'' in Torremolinos, Latvian group organized a workshop in Riga.


After the workshop in her youth community, Liene Saulīte from Latvia shared her impressions:

I presented our project in a youth group. I showed and explained what I learned while participating in our training course. My presentation had 14 listeners.

I explained about the EU, how it works, how it was founded, what its perspective is and what state it is in now. I also shared how to write a proposal to a European politician. We also discussed with each other during the workshop using the Oxford Debate. I explained the Oxford Debate properly. Also, I shared information about Erasmus+ and how it was founded, how it works, and what possibilities there are for today's young people. In the end, some of our participants told me that they will share today's knowledge with other people and from today on they will participate in other training courses to get such great experience by themselves.

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