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Workshop of the Italian Group on ''Your New Mission''

After the Training Course ''Your New Mission'' in Torremolinos, Italian group organized a workshop in Piza.


After the training course in Torremolinos on ''Your New Mission'' Stefania Renda had organised a workshop in Piza, in a youth community. She did it in Zoom meeting and she shared what she had learned with other participants. Stefania explained what the EU is, how the EU is organised, how EU decisions affect young people's lives and what the EU's priorities are. They also talked about the life of young people from EU countries and Stefania explained what Erasmus+ courses are and how many opportunities they give to young people to get to know new countries, make new international contacts, get to know new cultures and what is important to explore new information.

Stefania also explained how non-formal education works, what the disadvantages are and how important teamwork is.

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