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Workshop of the Greek Group on Welcome Friends

Aktualisiert: 14. Jan. 2022

After the Training Course "Welcome Friends" in Torremolinos Greek group organized a workshop in Athens.


After workshop within his youth community, Georgios Christodoulakis from Grecce shared his impressions:

“This workshop happened to our youth community. Firstly I said a few words about the organisations, Projuven and Copernicus Berlin, and about the place of the project Torremolinos and Malaga. Then I presented the PowerPoint you sent distinguishing the difference between an asylum seeker, a migrant an IDP and a refugee.I described to them the refugee crisis in Europe, pointed out a few statistics as was shown in the presentation such as the number of refugees , their origin and which European countries are the most welcoming or the most rejecting ones. Then we talked about, the irregular border crossings happening the last few years and showcases the desperate means the refugees take in order to achieve their goal, this is where I shows the video and the photos from the sea. Next, well analysed the migrant routes in Europe, the smuggling operations and how some countries take advantage of this as their benefit e.g. Belarus, and finally what it takes for an asylum to be issued. Lastly, I said a few more things about the project and how it was planned. The activities we did, the places I visited and the people I met.''

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