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Workshop of the Belgium Group on Human change not climate change

After the Training Course "Human change not climate change" in Yerevan, Belgium group organized a workshop in Brussels.


Deisi Milena Borja and Pierre Jamin from Belgium shared their impressions after the workshop they organized in their community.

In the beginning of October, we organized a workshop on the topic “Human change not climate change”. Our main objective through this workshop was to transfer the knowledge we have acquired during our project Erasmus+ in Armenia. We invited people close to us because in that way it was easier to gather people and at the same time, they would better trust the message we were going to deliver. We manage to regroup people from different age ranges to touch different generations because we think that we can all act at our level.

We first explained and described the different activities we participated in during the project and what we had learned out of it. We explained also that it was a project supported by the European commission and according to the Erasmus+ values, the participants came from all Europe and the countries nearby. Thanks to that opportunity, we had the possibility to share our reality with the other countries. It was really interesting to share what we had learned about the political decisions concerning the protection of the environment of other countries because most of the time we only know what is happening in our country or in the country surrounding us but we never hear about countries on the other side of the continent.

Then we tried to reproduce some activities we had done in the TC “Human change not climate change” such as presenting the current climate situation of Belgium and which solutions are being considered to tackle climate change. We also presented some SDG’s and explained the importance of it. We tried to go as much in detail as possible to tell them that it was still possible to make changes and that if everyone acts at their level we can have a really efficient movement. Finally, we showed them the invitation we sent to Belgian NGOs and encouraged them to follow other Belgian NGOs that are already active in the area of climate change.

Thanks to the project Erasmus+ “Human change not climate change”, we were able to share and raise awareness about climate change. Different generations were touched during our workshop and we encouraged them to share our message with their colleagues, classmates, friends and family. We gave them hints and solutions to act at their personal level and gave them positivity about the power we have on our future.

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