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Ukrainian Group about "NEET to work"

Interview of Alisa Bilkevych from Ukraine after the Training Course "NEET to work" in Yerevan


As for me the project was really useful and meaningful, it included uptodate information and a lot of practical exercises. I do believe that today there are a lot of people who are not involved into any kind of studing or are unmployed, so it is really important to know the reasons and find the solutions for this issue to implement it into work and communication with youth.

Support aspect is quite important, I would consider family support as one of the top. However, such people as teachers, mentors or career advisers are not the last according to prevention NEET. Also the culture and the goverment have their role too.

I can say for sure that I have learnt a lot during the training, but I think the most important thing was understanding and analizing the reasons of NEET and finding

different solutions for each case.

I would like to share my knowlage with other members of Molodizna Rada and young people who are dealing with NEET issue. Also this knowlage will be used for me personally as well, as I believe that every young person time to time has to deal with the NEET moment. Learning is the power)

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