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Training Course “Youth & Peace” in Yerevan, Armenia

During 5th-12th of September, youth workers from CopernicusBerlin had the chance to participate in the training course “Youth & Peace” that took place in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. The mobility involved participants coming from Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine and Armenia.

The main aim of “Youth & Peace” was to provide youth workers with the necessary competences and tools to develop projects in the field of peace building through raising awareness about the necessity to follow a youth diplomacy approach. Some of the specific objectives of the projects for youth workers were to understand the role of international youth organisations in youth diplomacy and peace building process, to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills related to the topic of youth diplomacy and peace building and to develop a network of youth organisations interested to develop projects in the field of youth diplomacy and peace building.

During the project week, participants had the chance to visit the Armenian Parliament and debate with policy makers as well as visit the Genocide Museum where they were welcomed by its director. Through non formal games, group discussions and debates, youth workers discussed in deep what are the barriers to peace, why is important to build youth diplomacy in the international youth field, which are the competencies that youth workers need to have related to youth diplomacy and also organized its youth campaign in the community, with the main aim of raising awareness of the project topic and the opportunity that Erasmus+ offer to young people.

In the end of the project, participants received their Youthpass certificates and the mobility finished with final evaluation of the project week.

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