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2019/German Group about Entrepreneurship and Migration

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2020

Interview of Narine Nahapetyan from the German Group after the Training Course in Berlin "The2Problems" 2019


According to your opinion, which role does entrepreneurship play in the integration of Migrants?

Migrants can start a business being entrepreneurship and it can give them an

opportunity to success and also to understand better the country where they are

going to be part. Entrepreneurship give migrants the opportunity to start a new

project and it project can also help the economy of the country.

Which entrepreneurial opportunities do migrants and refugees have in your country?

In Germany there are less entrepreneurial opportunities than other countries because

now we have some economic and politic problems. But in my opinion if you have a

good idea and you have courage to use it and be an entrepreneurship you can have

success. I think that all depend on the idea that you have to develop but also is true

that in other countries with better economy than Spain could be more ease to have

an entrepreneurial opportunity. What can we do to foster the integration of refugees and migrants?

As we spoke in the project, there are different things that we could do to foster the

integration of refugees and migrants. First, we should create conferences where

people can share their experiences because I think that in this world people are not

conscious of what are the situation of the refugees and migrants. Also we can give

them more information about the culture and the laws that there are in the country

that they are going to stay, because if they understand it better maybe the integration

could be more easy.

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