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2019/Italian Group about Entrepreneurship and Migration

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2020

Interview of Gloria Brenna from the Italian Group after the Training Course in Berlin "The2Problems" 2019


According to your opinion, which role does entrepreneurship play in the integration of Migrants?

Facilitates the creation of relationships between autochthonous and immigrants by connecting them. Bringing new views and different services helps citizens to see migrants in a better prospective.

Immigrant entrepreneurs create their own jobs and for others, can develop different social networks and provide a different range of goods and services.

Which entrepreneurial opportunities do migrants and refugees have in your country? The non-EU foreign citizen must have a residence permit for self-employment to start a self-employment activity.

The non-EU citizen without a residence permit must possess the nullity (Declaration that there are no impediments to the activity to be performed) and the certification of financial capacity's parameters (Document issued by the Chamber of Commerce attesting to the amount of the minimum financial availability of reference for the performance of self-employed work). they are valid for 3 months from the date of issue. What can we do to foster the integration of refugees and migrants?

Education for immigrants about the customs of the country where they are now, language is the most important aspect. But also education about migrants cultures provided for citizens in order to minimize prejudices.

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