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Aktualisiert: 21. Juli 2021

Youth Exchange "Empowering Entrepreneurship for YOU-th" in Yerevan


In June 2021 40 participants from 8 countries gathered in Yerevan, the heart of Armenia, to participate in an exciting European Youth Exchange program "Empowering Entrepreneurship for YOU-th". The youth exchange was organized by Copernicus Berlin in close cooperation with the European Commission and Armenian State University of Economics.

Young people from Germany, Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine got together to share their experiences in starting a business and developing as entrepreneurs. During the course thanks to application of non-formal education tools participants learnt how to grow the business plan concept, how to market the product or service, how to use personal and draw community resources as well as how to do fundraising for their start-ups.

The course was full of practical assignments, meetings with different inspiring guest speakers as well as visits and discussions on the topic. All this made the course very interesting and informative.

Wouldn’t you like to meet Arman Kuchukyan, Founder and CEO of Miiind, product design and software development company and to listen to his story? How at this young age he was able to create a company and succeed as young entrepreneur? Or get acquainted with the success story of Galaxy Group, a company that grew from 30 employees to 3000, becoming one of the biggest group of companies in Eastern Europe.

Yet, one of the important things in initiating a start-up or business is education. With this regard, participants had the chance to visit one of the best private education institutions in Armenia -AYB School, which was founded by people, who attribute their own achievements and success to the thorough education they received. Young people met with one of the founders of AYB School Aram Pakhchanian and had an interesting and lively discussion about importance of education in the development of any country as well as philosophy of AYB “Comprehend and Create”, meaning there is no comprehension without action, nor is there action without acquisition of knowledge. The combination of these two principles is the “golden rule” of AYB educational philosophy. Participants left AYB school with great satisfaction and conviction that we learn by acting and act by learning. If we want to be a society with a wealth of knowledge, high achievements and fundamental truths, there always should be harmony between comprehension and creation.

And last but not least, let’s not forget about culture and fun. Because what is an intercultural exchange program without it? Throughout 10-day exchange program participants had the chance to present their culture (songs, dances and cuisin) during intercultural evenings and explore Armenia as a new destination. Young people had fun singing, dancing each other’s folk dances, tasting different food. And this was part of non-formal experience exchange and communication. Thanks Program’s non-formal part a real network among young people was established.

Summing up this post we can definitely say that young people left Armenia excited, capacitated and motivated to change their lives and lives of their communities. They did one step forward towards becoming leaders in their communities. So youth of today are leaders of tomorrow and I am sure that participants of Copernicus Berlin’s programs are future leaders.

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