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Spanish Group about "Women in Business"

Interview of Emilia Gancheva from Spain after the Training Course "Women in Business" in Yerevan


I really liked the training course. I believe that the topic of women in business is very

relevant now. More and more women are facing gender inequality at work. I believe that women should know their strengths and be able to apply them in business. Therefore, for me this topic is really interesting and relevant. An excellent addition to knowledge was intercultural exchange with different nationalities. I learned many new facts about Italians, Russians, Germans, Georgians. I have broadened my horizons several times thanks to the Women in Business project.

We talked a lot about ways to implement women in business. But I would like to give

some recommendations on how this can be improved. First of all, it is necessary to

develop women's awareness and teach them in various trainings and courses. Secondly, it is necessary to adopt a law at the state level on assistance to women in business. Third, borrow experience from other countries and promote intercultural exchange.

I learned a lot about statistics, the quality of people's types of businesses and how to

organize everything. But most of all I liked to make a business plan. I plan to organize a

training course in the area for women who want their business but do not know where to start. I will definitely use all the knowledge gained in the project to disseminate

information about women in business in Spain.

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