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Slovakian Group about "Silence Hate"

Aktualisiert: 10. Jan. 2022

Interview of Martin Mayanja from Slovakia after the Training Course "Silence Hate" in Berlin.


Can you give us your opinion about the project “Silence Hate“ ?

Hate speech as a topic is very sensitive and often time it is such a huge challenge to define its boundaries. Silence Hate project by Copernicus Berlin is indeed a much-needed program especially to the younger generation.

The group exercises provide attendees an opportunity to contemplate, research, and contribute to the discussions.

This introductory approach invokes positive inquisitiveness in the attendees and I believe many of them continue to dig deeper into the topic when they go back to their communities. Thanks to the project, attendees also gain another level of alertness and consciousness when it comes to the content they publish or consume on public/social platforms.

I liked the fact the project puts together people from different backgrounds and provides them with an opportunity to interact and share experiences. This in a way promotes tolerance and contributes to reducing hate speech.

Overall, I really applause the organizers of the week-long project for the job well-done. Its not an easy thing to put together people of different backgrounds, schools-of-thoughts, age-groups, etc and keep them focused on a common goal for a whole week.

How can youth help to combat the rise of online hate speech ?

Thanks to the introductions I received from the Silence hate project, I am now more carefully about the; “what, when, how, and to-who” of what I say. I plan to combat the rise of hate speech by starting with cleaning my own house – me. Then, enlighten those closest to me about the facts around hate speech.

As a co-founder of an NGO that promotes awareness on EDI, I plant to propose to my NGO to create a project that educates our audience about hate speech.

Do you think that Media is a pathway to racism, intolerance, Islamophobia...? Media would be the best tool to just to fight injustices such as the above however, modern day media is full of conspiracies, politicized, and is money-driven. There’s no balanced reporting anymore especially if it doesn’t appeal to the wider audience. This leads to further oppression of the minority groups as their voices are never heard just because its not money-generation to the media bosses.

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