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Russian Group about "Women in Business"

Interview of Elena Kichatinova from Russia after the Training Course "Women in Business" in Yerevan


«Well, for me, an ambitious girl from Irkutsk (Siberia) who is proud of her place of birth and wants to develop local and regional online-media, the "Women in business" is very exciting program, because:

  1. Firstly, It was a great opportunity to learn, acquire important skills and knowledge about creating and developing a successful business and overcoming the various barriers that women face in their entrepreneurial activities;

  2. Secondly, It was an exchange of experiences with other young participants who face similar challenges in their daily work in different parts of the world;

  3. Finally, it is a great chance to meet people from different countries, be inspired by their specific examples and perhaps jointly implement new international projects».

«Today, more and more women aspire to become entrepreneurs, but face barriers such as limited access to funding, lack of educational programs, training and general support. At the same time, it is important for women to have flexible working hours, the opportunity to take care of children, long maternity leave, as well as the opportunity to work remotely if they decide to spend more time with their family. Therefore, I can give such advice:

  1. Create enterprises in such socially important sectors as rehabilitation, production of sports products, musical instruments and goods for children. They represent great economic potential for women entrepreneurs.

  2. In addition, the work of business associations is vital in supporting women entrepreneurs.

  3. Lastly, mentoring and training programs are of particular importance for imparting business management skills to women entrepreneurs. For example, the Erasmus + program gave me such an opportunity, since the topic of the training "Women in Business" is fully consistent with the content».

«For me, as a young online-media development manager in a Russian regional non-governmental media group, the topic of problems faced by women in business, which we discuss in the framework of the project, is very important. The experience of participating in the "Women in Business" program helped me to re-analyze the

processes that I studied and worked with. This Erasmus+ project gave me knowledge, sources and, more importantly, a different vision of my work and life goals. After analyzing the results obtained during discussions and working in teams, I realized that I can improve the results of the media group I work in. Some of the things I learned during the project were new and exсiting to me, like the "Business Model Сanvas", the game "Elevator Pitch" and other. I would like to thank the Erasmus+ program, the Copernicus Berlin / Yerevan and the Academic Mobility Center for such a great opportunity for professional development and cross-cultural exchange. As I like to say: "Girls must stick together". Let's learn, grow professionally and change the world around us for the better».

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