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Polish Group about "Think before you post"

Interview of Bruno Castro from Poland after the Training Course "Think before you post" in Yerevan


What is the most important thing you have learned during the training “Think before you post" ? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

One of the most important things i have learned during the training was that every action, post, comment, photo we take online generates a positive or negative impact that is out of our control. So we need to think about what our objective is before every action. Will share this knowledge with my group of friends.

Do you have your own tips for creating a positive digital footprint?

Usually i just abstain myself of posting, people nowadays are so extreme, black or white and even a good intention can generate hate.

How could your social media usage and digital footprint affect the recruitment process for you? Did you consider during this training week to edit some of your social media accounts?

I realize the value of having a good, responsible social media profile when applying for a job. Yes i do consider update my profile after this training, using the technics i have learned so i can achieve my goals at the same time protect myself.

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