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Polish Group about "Think before you post"

Interview of Ives Romero Murillo from Poland after the Training Course "Think before you post" in Yerevan


What is the most important thing you have learned during the training “Think before you post" ? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

I discovered that social media knows more about us than everyone else, and the consequences from that knowledge might be dangerous for the future. And not every

service like Facebook or Instagram that in theory is “free” it’s free for a reason and we

don’t really know what do they do with the data they gather about us. I learned as well

that is important to leave a good image of yourself and try to avoid to get into topics that you’re not fully sure. From now on I’m going to be more careful with the things I share, that I comment in any social media or just simply the likes that I give to any kind of post because indirectly I’m leaving a trail of myself and there are always consequences either professional or private. And I’m going to try to teach these knowledge to my family or friends and show them to be careful with these services.

Do you have your own tips for creating a positive digital footprint?

First of all I would say to not to share things that you’re not sure about. First of all check

the resources, make some investigation, discuss privately with someone and form an

opinion before posting anything. It’s important to use the social media in a rational way,

it’s better to stay away from then when you’re not feeling emotionally stable because that might leave a bad reputation about you and you might comment or say something that you don’t really think.

How could your social media usage and digital footprint affect the recruitment process for you? Did you consider during this training week to edit some of your social media accounts?

It could affect in a very negative way, from now I would avoid to share my political or

religious opinions because my future employers might read that and not be agree with me therefore not being hired in a position that I want. Definitely I need to change somethings in my social media, some posts that I share in the past that don’t represent me anymore and in general I would need to go through all the changes or settings that the social media have in order to be more protected and avoid to share too much information about me.

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