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Moldovian Group about "Think before you post"

Interview of Julia Covaliova from Moldova after the Training Course "Think before you post" in Yerevan


What is the most important thing you have learned during the training “Think before you post" ? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

This training showed me the sense of the digital footprint and the importance of having a positive digital footprint. Was useful to rethink data security and to review social media profiles. I think it is a great topic to share, so as a youth worker, a will do some sessions with teenager about that.

Do you have your own tips for creating a positive digital footprint?

I am just rarely making the posts and share something. I am not including a lot of personal data, share just authentic information and that can't minimally compromising me.

How could your social media usage and digital footprint affect the recruitment process for you? Did you consider during this training week to edit some of your social media accounts?

My posts can compromise me, can show information that is opposite with the idea, goals or values that are pursued by a employer. Or vice versa, it can helps me in the recruitment process. After the training, I definitely decided that it is necessary to review my profiles on social media and I should be more careful with post and exprimated opinions.

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