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Moldovian Group about "Think before you post"

Interview of Alex Cozlovschi from Moldova after the Training Course "Think before you post" in Yerevan


First of all we learned about how our digital footprint can influence all part of our lives, starting with our work and ending up with relationships. For example a posibile employer can check out our social media and see that we once time ago we made a hateful or discriminatory post and think that we are not suited for the job. A simple tag of our friend on a post can affect our friendship, because the person didn't wanted for other people to see him tagged there or he doesn't like the content of the post.

A think the most important thing in that case is to understand how you want people to perceive you. Do you want to look as a banker, researcher or beauty influencer? And always make sure you checked your privacy settings, maybe ask your friend to find some weird information in your profile or check it yourself using incognito mode. Who knows, maybe everyone can see your meme folder are some school photos.

I definitely checked my privacy settings and made some of things private. Nowadays the link to your social media is often required in selection process for different projects, competitions and even scholarships so I definitely try to post just information about professional events and my research projects.

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