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Latvian Group about "Your New Mission"

Interview of Roberts Ikerts from Latvia after the Training Course "Your New Mission" in Torremolinos


Can you give us your opinion about the project “Your New Mission”?

From organisational side to the practical side the project was great. The place, the people, the program, everything made up for a memorable experience. Real insights and clearer picture of how the EU works, what makes it, its accomplishments, challanges and future vision. Not only from the perspective of the presenter, but participants living all across the EU.

What do you understand for “European Identity”?

European identity to me means a place where the people believe in general

European values. Some things might differ from country to country, but people being

on the same page about big things and understanding that we need each other for

improving our lives are key.

What should be the EU priorities in the field of youth and in what the EU should

improve ?

In the field of youth education and sports can not be supported enough.

Education is the root of everything, it will self empower young people, it will fight for

their rights and fights the worlds wrongs. It will lift families out of poverty and make

EU as a whole just better in every direction. All comes from the human mind. The EU should improve efficiency with money. We came to the conclusion that this is elephant in the room. Bringing a strong sense of responsibility to the high ranks would go a long way.

What will you do at local level to promote EU iniciatives and explain to other young people what is the EU ?

I will let people around me know about the everyday benefits they can enjoy. From

quality controls, easy traveling and cheap prices thanks to free trade agreements.

There are everyday benefits that we get from the EU that we take for granted. Giving

EU credit and appreciation for them might just make the curiosity wheels turn.

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