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German Group about "Women in Business"

Interview of Umrbek Ibragimov from Germany after the Training Course "Women in Business" in Yerevan


The topic Women in Business was very appealing to me since I am working on my project and podcast. We have managed to talk about different issues women face in the world today and I think I gained more confidence in the project I am working on. I like our group but I wish more people could participate in the discussions actively.

Nevertheless, I was happy to contribute to the topic and with some people in our group, we have continued to discuss these topics during the project in informal gatherings.

Thanks to the intercultural evenings we could learn more about different countries and get to know other participants of the projects. My favorite exercise was the Elevator Pitch where I could present my idea to the "investor".

Women could be empowered in different ways:

  1. Mentorship programs on different levels (schools, university, workplace)

  2. Seminars and training organized by women for women where they can discuss different opportunities, challenges, and solutions

  3. Family and friends awareness, maybe media campaigns

  4. Governmental actions on spreading awareness

I am planning to continue working on my project and thanks to this training I have more courage in developing it further. I also will use the template for the business model to implement it in my project (and maybe it will help me grow further).

I also loved the experience of being in Yerevan, Armenia, and learning more about its culture and traditions. Furthermore, it was great to know about the projects the Copernicus organizations are working on and I am looking forward to applying to some of their projects in the future.

Since I am actively spreading awareness about women's issues, thanks to the project I will continue to do it with the gained background.

Thank you for organizing this training and providing us with the tools and ideas women need when creating ideas and implementing them. It was a great pleasure working on seminars and participating in all activities.

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