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German Group about "Welcome Friends"

Aktualisiert: 14. Jan. 2022

Interview of Bekhzod Ismoiljonov from Germany after the Training Course "Welcome Friends" in Torremolinos.


Can you give us your opinion about the project "Welcome friends"?

First of all, it was a great experience for me personally. The reason is because it was my first Erasmus Project and it was as smooth as possible. It not only improves your English, presentation and verbal skills but also most importantly it increases your mindset and awareness. This "Welcome Friends" training raised awareness of refugees and immigrants coming from all around the world to Europe. Each participant gave their opinion about it. For me, it was a great opportunity to see the views from different people and with different cultural backgrounds. I had deep knowledge about refugees and immigrants after this project and sport activities on the beach was one of the most memorable periods on this project.

What can the Eureopean Union do to better protect refugees? or What can Europe do to welcome refugees?

As from experience and knowledge I got from the "Welcome Friends" project I would suggest people's right to safety and refuge should be protected. At the border, anyone requesting refuge must be given an opportunity to do so. Adults should only be imprisoned as a last option for a limited, specified length of time, and children should never be detained. Everyone has human rights, and they must be respected at all times. Another problem to discuss is that there are far too many individuals dying while attempting to cross the Mediterranean. As a result, additional search and rescue capacity is required, as well as secure ports for disembarkation throughout Europe and beyond. EU nations must agree on a secure disembarkation point for individuals rescued at sea. Provide greater legal alternatives for migrants seeking asylum in Europe. Fewer individuals will conduct perilous travels to seek refuge in Europe if EU governments continue to commit to resettlement and other safe and legal choices.

What will you do at the local level to promote the integration of refugees and migrants in your country? Do you have some suggestions for activities to raise awareness on the topic or measures to take? Firstly, educate both refugees and migrants about German culture and language. Because these two aspects play an integral role in adapting to a new society. Because, most of the refugees are coming from Islamic countries and for them it could be a cultural shock. Secondly, Promote for NGO, easy to apply jobs and part-jobs(internships) for them. The reason behind is they cannot only live for German grants and money. It usually hurts the economy not only for the government of Germany but also for families to survive in the highest GDP country in the EU. Thirdly, I would raise the awareness of the universities and NGOs to promote and educate the new and old generation to welcome the people who come from war or came to improve their life. It could be social projects in the universities to explain and make them understand more deeply the real reason why immigrants are coming to Germany and the EU.

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