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German Group about "Way to go e-commerce"

Aktualisiert: 18. Sept. 2021

Interview of Kseniya Rybka from Germany after the Training Course "Way to go e-commerce" in Torremolinos


What is the most important thing you have learned during the training “Way

to go e-commerce"?

The training course "Way to go e-commerce" that took place in Torremolinos, Spain was a great learning opportunity for me. I have learned a lot of useful things about the main theme of the project and I have met a lot of people who shared their experiences and motivated me to get out of my comfort zone. Yet, the most important thing I have learned during the training course is the fact that building an e-commerce platform is a very interesting process and if you have faith in your business idea, you will succeed at it.

How do you plan to share and use your knowledge? The knowledge I've gained during the project is truly valuable and I am really lucky to have had the chance to keep all the information. Therefore, I plan on sharing the knowledge by making a workshop in the volunteering organization I am a part of, in order to help other young adults like me to start their own small business or at least to be more active in the online market, because it has become an important part of our day to day life.

In your opinion, how e-commerce can benefit young entrepreneurs? I personally think that having an e-commerce platform is one of the most important steps when starting a business as a young entrepreneur. As most of our activities are currently happening online, a small business can be easily promoted with catchy advertisements on social media. Even more, a good promotion strategy is more likely to catch the attention of a possible sponsor and this is why the whole crew must work on developing the business idea online as well as offline.

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