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German Group about "Silence Hate"

Interview of Narek Davtyan from Germany after the Training Course "Silence Hate" in Berlin.


Can you give us your opinion about the project “Silence Hate“ ?

The Silence Hate project was a great opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over Europe.

Even though apparently, it seemed like we are not alike and we don't share the same opinions, ultimately by knowing each other better, we found out how many we have in common.

For me, it was very important to know that there are lots of nuances when it comes to hate speech and freedom of speech. Now I am more aware of both the problems we can face in the online environment and also more aware of our own rights in regards

to freedom of speech.

How can youth help to combat the rise of online hate speech ?

First of all, I will do my best to influence my close peers when it comes to hate speech. If they have such behaviour to make them aware of it and ask them to be more compassionate.

Secondly, I will organise an online seminar with a group to bring this issue to their awareness. A summary of what we've learned during the project.

On top of that, I will try as much as possible not to share polarizing content because, in the end, everyone is right from their own personal perspective.

Do you think that Media is a pathway to racism, intolerance, Islamophobia...? Media is a very powerful tool that can be used in both directions. Good or bad. In my opinion, media is not creating new behaviours in people. The media actually shows what already exists in society. Any inappropriate behaviour should not be allowed.

On the other hand, media is a pathway to tolerance, empathy, compassion as much as it is for racism, intolerance, islamophobia.

We as individuals have the responsibility to focus on the good things to manifest in our lives if we seek harmony.

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