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Georgian Group about "Women in Business"

Interview of Zara Misakyan from Georgia after the Training Course "Women in Business" in Yerevan


First of all, I would like to thank leaders that I had the opportunity to take part in this

project. I really really liked the city in which the project was carried out, as well as the

topic of projectsl is very close to me. Women in business- I think it is very important to

speak on topics that are considered to be not spoken, it is also very important to

exchange opinions with people from different countries, this is exactly the opportunity that the project gave us.

I think there are already a lot of women in our world who can inspire other women by their example. And this is great! but there is still a long way ahead that cannot be passed without the help of other people. First of all, we need support at the state level, although it is also worth starting this path with the thoughts of each of us. Let’s support each other and make world better!

It was pleasant for me, first of all, to realize that among young people there are so many people who are ready to support women in business and outside of business. I believe that this project gave me confidence in the future.

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