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Georgian Group about "Human change not climate change"

Interview of Otari Datunashvili from Georgia after the Training Course "Human change not climate change" in Yerevan


Can you give us your opinion about the project "human change not climate change"?

I would describe this project as beneficial, because I have gained a sizeable knowledge related to this subject. Hence I work in a company that specializes in renewable energy, I will be more mindful regarding the effects and results of our actions and I will definately try to share the knowledge I have gained in this project both inside and outside my work.

Additionally, this project was very influential for me, because I know understand the specific problems behind the climate change issue.

According to you, is it too late to stop climate change? What would be the most effective policy to stop climate change?

Due to the fact, that the climate change can be controlled and monitored with the help of modern technology and knowledge, I think it is not too late to stop the climate change, Especially considering the progress in renewable energy field.

The most important thing in my opinion is to raise the global awareness regarding this issue and act quickly and in that case, I think we wouldn't run out of deadline.

In your opinion, what can young people do at a local level to mitigate the effects of climate change?

I think youn people have a huge role to play at a local level to mitigate the effects of climate change, through local initiatives and activities related to protection of environment, raising the public awareness and participating in a projects such as "human change not climate change" to deepen the knowledge related to global problems.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

One of the most important things I have learned was global sustainability goals because these are the global issues that need to be tracked. These goals are intertwined to each other and all are related to climate change.

Also I've learned that the "human library" method is very effective to share and receive a knowledge, because during this workshop our teams came up with great ideas on challenging topics. I hope I will have an opportunity to share the knowledge I've gained in the future.

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