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French Group about "It's about choice"

Interview of Matteo Mazzini from France after the Training Course "It's about choice" in Berlin.


Can you give us your opinion about the project “It´s about choice“?

The “it’s about choice” project was very nicee and interesting, they were all very kind and if you didn’t understood something they would help you. The tutors were very professsional and well trained in the topics ardesse. This project also felpe me a lot in speaking english and in understanding it better.

It also helped me a lot in getting to know and comunicating with people from other countries. Thanks to this project i was also able to visit the fantastic city of Berlin in the activity carried out on the second day. I also understood that islamophobia is different in all countries. I want to say tank to the organizers infinitely for this project and for the issues addressed this week and i hope to partecipate in future project too.

Do you think Islamophobia is a threat for our society?

I don’t think that Islamophobia is a threat to our society, it is true that in recent years there have been several terrorist attacks, but not all people are afraid of any Muslim or Islamic who passes by them but more than anything else the people who are afraid are those too paranoid who think that all people other than them are dangerous. Since not all the attacks were carried out by Muslim or Islamic people, in fact people of other religions and cultures have also carried out attacks but are not discriminated against.

What can be done to combat Islamophobia on community, national or international level? to combat Islamophobia at the community, national and international level, it is necessary to combat disinformation by doing awareness courses in schools by watching films or listening to stories from people who have suffered from it. one could also name the "day against Islamophobia". another thing that could be done is to make the religion better known by installing new mosques or talking more about it even on television.

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