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Czech Group about "Your New Mission"

Interview of Martin Lukáč from Czech Republic after the Training Course "Your New Mission" in Torremolinos.


Can you give us your opinion about the project “Your New Mission”?

Although the project was one of many I’ve attended so far, I found it unique and refreshing compared to many other projects I’ve been to. There was a strong emphasis on educating the participants about the EU as much as possible, but there was also a lot of insightful discussion going on.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t fun to be had, however. The participants were great people and we took our time to spend evenings in Torremolinus after the sessions.

Overall, it had everything to be a great project and I’m happy to have participated.

What do you understand for “European Identity”?

Personally, for me, European Identity is an identity on top of my identity as a Czech. While European cultures have always been more or less intertwined, each nation state has a unique mentality and culture, which makes the world more diverse and interesting. Therefore, I would never make the statement “I am not Czech, I am European”. I am both, as one doesn’t exclude the other.

European identity to me means standing for European values, specifically those of the Enlightenment era as well as classical liberalism; rule of law, free market and focus on the individual’s freedom and responsibility.

What should be the EU priorities in the field of youth and in what the EU should

improve ?

I believe the greatest focus when it comes to the field of youth should be to teach critical thinking as well as individual responsibility. Both seem to be rather lacking in youth lately and are crucial to groom independent and successful individuals.

Responsible individuals capable of critical thinking will not only be good for themselves, but also for their environment, which is ultimately good for everyone.

Regarding what the EU should improve in, I believe it should focus being more “bottom-up” rather than “top-down”, ultimately the people of the EU should decide what the direction of the EU should be, the EU shouldn’t decide this for the people, which seems to be the direction the EU is heading to me.

What will you do at local level to promote EU iniciatives and explain to other young people what is the EU ?

I will continue to actively discuss the EU with my friends and family, constructively and critically, to make sure the EU remains a great place to live in and that it continues to make the world a better place.

Given that I am a volunteer in the Erasmus Student Network, I know have the EU makes young people’s live incomparably better than they were decades ago, and I, as an EU citizen will do what is in my power that make sure that the EU heads in the right direction.

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