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Italian Group about "Women in Business"

Interview of Silvia Cecilia Lagana from Italy after the Training Course "Women in Business" in Yerevan


The project “Women in Business” was useful especially for young students who are

exploring the world and eager to start their own projects in the future. Both for male and female since we all work together and in work you have to cooperate with people of both genders. The essential part was the discussion about gender equality in general, even though all of the students agreed on that in the start of the session, there are still some prejudice, bias and stereotypes in the world we need to work on. The main part of the program is the possibility of intercultural discussion on issues, because the situation is different is various countries, especially for those countries which are not in the European Union and usually do not have an opportunity to take part in European events.

There should be special trainings and courses starting from middle school that would

demonstrate women different opportunities to start their own venture. The issue is that in many countries, mostly in small towns, many people live with an idea that it is almost impossible to become an entrepreneur. That’s why they even cannot start their business plan.

I learned that the most important part of life is to be honest, decent, not hypocritical

human being. Pay attention to others but always take your own decisions and be sure of your opinion. Because no matter what other people think, they will not live your life for you. Live each moment fully, because life is to short to waste it on doubts, fear and

condemnation. The main thing is to build strong character and be a good human because without a character it is hard to be competitive and successful in life and work. I share it by teaching and helping others, organising events at work, and starting my own business which is also based on interaction with people.

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