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Ukrainian Group about "Think before you post"

Aktualisiert: 22. Aug. 2021

Interview of Anna Lahutina from Ukraine after the Training Course "Think before you post" in Yerevan


What is the most important thing you have learned during the training “Think before you post" ? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

The training course included a lot of important things in it. However, the most important topic for me was digital security in social media. Very often, we post without understanding that our information can be used in an inappropriate way. That’s why it’s essential to think critically in advance lest get in trouble. For example, a simple way to protect your data is to change your settings in social media. But if some information was downloaded there’s still a possibility to delete it by completing an online request form. I’d like to share what I’ve learned here in my community. I’ll tell my friends about it; and I’m planning to organise a workshop for peers as I’m a volunteer in the NGO.

Do you have your own tips for creating a positive digital footprint?

As for me, the rule number one is “Never do offensive posts”. We can see thousands of posts that are aggressive and unkind to some people. Social media should not be a space for arguings. The first thing we must ask ourselves before posting is “Can I offend someone with it? Does it hurt someone?” Social media’s purpose is sharing actual information and expressing ourselves. We gotta always double check what we post and make sure it’s not offensive to anyone

How could your social media usage and digital footprint affect the recruitment process for you? Did you consider during this training week to edit some of your social media accounts?

I’ve got my own examples when the employer asked me to provide him with my social media account. I would say that nowadays our accounts are the very first impression of us. The recruiter can look through your Facebook page even before meeting; and that’s when he gets to know the person and decides if a jobseeker is a good candidate for a job. That’s why it’s important to have an attractive page to make an amazing first impression. During this training week I have realised that I should be more active on my page. Sometimes I organise events for young Ukrainians but I don’t post about it. So I decided to share more about what happens to me in terms of my professional vector.

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