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Bulgarian Group about "Way to go e-commerce"

Aktualisiert: 18. Sept. 2021

Interview of Yani Stoev from Bulgaria after the Training Course "Way to go e-commerce" in Torremolinos


What is the most important thing you have learned during the training “Way

to go e-commerce"? During my training, I managed to learn a lot about e-commerce. But the most

important thing that I was able to understand was the huge implementation that e

commerce already has made to the world of commerce and how it's going to shape

the world of entrepreneurship in the field of trading. I have learned how to sell stuff online and how to operate and set up an online store.

How do you plan to share and use your knowledge? I wi try to implement my newly acquired knowledge in my field of business. I will try to

expand my online trading platform and I will share all the knowledge I have with my

business partners. I will also try to convince my friends and family to try and move

their business online or at least to create or use an existing trading platform. And also I plan to use my newfound competencies in building my own business. Specifically, I’ll use some exciting machine learning to help people explore their online selves

In your opinion, how e-commerce can benefit young entrepreneurs? E-commerce can benefit young entrepreneurs by helping them where they, in my opinion, face the biggest challenges - in the beginning of their journey to be successful traders. Starting something new is always hard, but I think the knowledge of e-commerce can help them overcome the obstacles of the modern world of trading. Also e commerce, if done right, can help young people get started with

diversified income streams.

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