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Belgium Group about "Welcome Friends"

Aktualisiert: 14. Jan. 2022

Interview of Daniel Angulo from Belgium after the Training Course "Welcome Friends" in Torremolinos.


Can you give us your opinion about the project "Welcome friends"?

I think this project is really usefull and important. Raising awareness on the topic refugees, immigrants, displaced people and asylum seekers is crucial; Cause the current knowledge arround migration in Europe is increasinglu dominated by racist and xenophobic rhetoric. And is wrong the voices who speaks the truth are not loud enough and throught this program the truth is shared to us and we will do samething to the one next to us.

What can the Eureopean Union do to better protect refugees? or What can Europe do to welcome refugees?

Europe has a big responsibility towards the refugees that come from the east, from eastern, central and western Mediterranean locations. So is really important to ask where we as Europe can do more to help the people in need, as Jesus said "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you".

One of those things that we can do, should be abolishing those polices set in place by the Europe Union that are directly responsible for the plight of those who die attemptiong to cross the Mediterranean sea. The effort to discourage refugees from arriving have not diminished the number of people who are granted asylim in Europe; the solution to these can be granting more asylum to more refugees and help them integrating in the society in an effective way.

We have the desperate need to find the courage to create a system in which desperate people do not have to risk their lives to apply for asylum and resettlement.

What will you do at the local level to promote the integration of refugees and migrants in your country? Do you have some suggestions for activities to

raise awareness on the topic or measures to take? I will try to speak the truth about the reality of refugees, speaking about it with friend, family and university mates in aim to influence them to care about this topic, I will use my social media (like Instagram) to share posts on this topic so as to reach as many people as possible. And if there is possibility be volunter in a refugee center.

Some activities that could be done to raise awareness on the topic to me are, testimonies of refugees in schools by doing that students would be more empathic to topic, and will leave the stereotypes behind.

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