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2019/Spanish Group about Entrepreneurship and Migration

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2020

Interview of Daniel Pindado from the Spanish Group after the Training Course in Berlin "The2Problems" 2019


According to your opinion, which role does enterpreneurship play in the integration of Migrants?

Creating new businesses is another way that leads to the social interaction. Not only with your own folks, but also with people from all the globe. If you create your own business abroad as a migrant, the culture of the country you're currently living will be part of your daily work. When you want to sell your own product, you will have to understand the culture of that country, its people and their preferences, meeting sociates and clients how legal rules are applied in your business work, etc.

Which entrepreneurial opportunities do migrants and refugees have in your country?

First at all, they need to learn the language quickly, in order to be integrated within the local culture. Otherwise, the integration will not be possible. Many of them come to our countries with enough formation to work or even lead their own companies and that is very rewarding for the economic growth. Once they overcome the obstacle of language, all is possible.

What can we do to foster the integration of refugees and migrants?

We have to begin changing the political scenario. Progresist Governments can put in practice some social policies which will contribute to more integration between the local population and refugees. For that, it will be neccesary to teaching them the european values, the ethic and essential aspects of our democraties states, letting them know our fundamental rights, but also our duties as citizens, thoughout culture and language, and forbid all kind of aspects or behaviors against our democratic principles. It's very important to help those who need it, specially those who respect the way of living in the west countries, but also it is to putting limit to the intolerance.

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