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2019/Romanian Group about Radicability

Interview of Andreea-Cornelia Maier from the Romanian Group after the Training Course in Germany "Radicability" 2019


According to your opinion, what drives youth radicalization? 

In my opinion youth radicalization occurs because young people can not integrate in a certain environment or group. Education is one of the reasons why this is happening because most of these people are coming from families of immigrants or from poor families. Fear can be another factor that contributes to radicalization as well as vulnerability.

What is the role of youth organizations/NGOs in the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism?

Youth organizations/NGOs can offer another view over this problem. For example, taking part in a workshop/youth exchange/talk about radicalization or violent extremism can help you form an opinion of how people end up doing these acts of violence, why are they doing it and maybe you can find out about some examples of people that recover from this state and now they don’t want to be extremist anymore.

What can we do to protect young people from extremist influences in the online environment? What are your tips for staying safe online?

I think the best thing we can do is educate the parents to talk about extremism with their children because the internet and social media is so huge that it cannot be controlled so there is nothing we can do in order to stop extremism posts or videos.  In order to stay safe online, I think young people should socialize more offline and take their parents/teachers advice seriously when they explain them not to believe everything from the internet.

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