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2019/Bulgarian Group about Entrepreneurship and Migration

Aktualisiert: 6. März 2020

Interview of Kalina Hristova from the Bulgarian Group after the Training Course in Berlin "The2Problems" 2019


According to your opinion, which role does entrepreneurship play in the integration of Migrants?

In my opinion enterpreneurship can play a vital role in the integration of migrants. A lot of people who are forced to be migrants used to have small or medium businesses in their country and they can use the experience in the new country they live. Also, it is very important to encourage young people to discover more options for development and growth in the country they currently live.

Which entrepreneurial opportunities do migrants and refugees have in your country? VUZF University in Bulgaria is part of the project called Migrant Acceleration for Growth Network for Entrepreneurship Training” (MAGNET). The main objectives of the project includes developing and testing a train-the-trainer program for training people working in university-level entrepreneurship support projects for migrants (Migrant Entrepreneurship Academy); development of an open toolkit for supporting entrepreneurship for migrants, based on analysis and improvement of good practices What can we do to foster the integration of refugees and migrants?

The first and most important thing is to offer good language courses for the refugees and migrants so they can become a part of the society. Another thing that we  can do is to organize "Social Cafe" where migrants can meet local people and develop network and find friends. Very important is to advertise these opportunities both to refugees and migrants and local people so many people will get involved.

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