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2019/German Group about the Faith

Interview of Khachik Hovhannisyan from the German Group after the Training Course in Armenia "Face2Faith"


I think, that the religion builds character and morality and  faith amounts to the loyalty to God, the youth needs this both and this topic was very helpful. The role of youth organizations/NGOs is also very important in this field, because today we need more civil society, which can contribute to save the culture and tradition in every country. We can share more kindness, love and forgiveness with all , who have a bad experiences  in the life, we can help to understand that the life consists not only of bad days and moments, but also of good days and moments, we can say that everything and everyone can always wins with faith․ The kindness can save the world and today  nice and kind  word is also the way for staying safe online.  Thank you very much for this topic in Armenia, in the first christian country of the world, because faith and Christianity are the same  for Armenians and it can be an example for other countries.

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