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2019/German Group about Radicability

Aktualisiert: 16. Feb. 2020

Interview of Avazbek Ergashev from the German Group after the Training Course in Germany "Radicability" 2019


Radicalisation is a game of extrem or radical experiences of the person. If you are person with very long time estrem experiences, if you have strong propaganda speech and charisma, you can very easy influence the youth. The youth have very romantic picture from world. They want to change it, to make it better. On this way if they met such person, they trust and believe that he helps to change something. 

The youth organizations/NGOs give international youth an opportunity to touch the sensible feelings of eachother, to respect these. In this prozess the extrem mind of some youth can be deradicalised.

My message to keep youth fare from online propaganda of radicalisation: to construct the own independent mind, to look for humanity in every person, but be careful. Don't read much more online news. But if you read you must analyse this for you, before decision. Create yourself with love to live and human being. Don't be part of world black game.

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