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2019/Bulgarian Group about Radicability

Aktualisiert: 12. Feb. 2020

Interview of Aleksandra Petrova from the Bulgarian Group after the Training Course in Germany "Radicability" 2019


According to your opinion, what drives youth radicalization? 

As we know radicalization can have different form such as political, social, cultural and

religious. When we talk about the roots of youth radicalization we have to focus on family environment, education system, friends zone, society where the person live and of course don't forget their fragile age. We have to put attention in mental health care among young people. For me radical youth activities represent lack of love, accepting and understanding. Emotion intelligence like learning how to communicate, how to express our opinions/emotions, how to defend our personal borders, how to show our vulnerability without fear, how to develop our critical thinking and learning to see the two parts of the coin is the way to prevent the young people to radicalize.

What is the role of youth organizations/NGOs in the prevention of radicalisation and violent extremism?

Youth organizations/NGOs should be a safe space where a young people can discuss

sensitive topics as radicalisation and violet extremism. These organizations should be a place where young people feel free to talk about the problem, to address the reasons that cause it and consequences from it and come up with a solution. Аs a union of many people Youth organizations/NGOs has to be a voice of the young people and can have the power to influence public / EU authorities in order to prevent and decrease radicalization activities.

What can we do to protect young people from extremist influences in the online environment? What are your tips for staying safe online?

As we know the big influence of the mass media and in order to protect a growing young

society we may restrict their access to certain websites. Of course we can’t protect them from everything and we don’t have to do that. Its muck better to encourage them to be thinking beings аnd alone to understand what to follow and what not.

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