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2019/Belgian Group about Faith

Interview of Vara Vallina Fernandez from the Belgian Group after the Training Course in Armenia "Face2Faith" 2019


According to your opinion, what drives interfaith radicalization?

I think the beginning of young people being radicalized is them feeling themselves economically or politically marginalized from different groups of their society which gives them a feeling of being different from the people they live with and in my opinion the process and the feeling of them not feeling themselves as part of the society give a push to generalizing their situation to the whole society and at some point i find it as the beginning of radicalization . on the other hand, it can simply be shared from the families or they society with the very radical ideas they live in. family and a peer pressure plays a huge role in forming young peoples ideas, especially at the very sensitive age.

What is the role of youth organizations/NGOs in the prevention of interfaith radicalisation?

I would say that peed education is one of the most important actors in showing a teenager that there is another world without radicalisation , with lots of young people discussing and sharing their opinion about the problems they have and trying to solve it with critical thinking. I think the main role of youth NGO's is that they make young people see the other brighter side of the world and then help them not to loose the sense of it.

What can we do to protect young people from extremist influences in the online environment?What are your tips for staying safe online?

I don't think blocking or regulating the news with radical messages will do any good to young people since youngsters are always trying to explore something that is more and more under cover. I think facing the truth to radical messages and propaganda is the key for young people to pay less attention to radical messages. I think that is the way for them to see both sides by themselves and then to decide by themselves

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