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Youth Workers from Spain about Training Course "Post Truth"

Interview of Sara Garcia after the Training Course.


Can you give us your opinion about the project “Post-truth“? What is the most important thing you have learned during the training?

About the project “Post-truth” I can say that the most important thing I have learned from it is to not trust everything you read. For instance, revise the information and check the sources. Also, that news can influence and thus, there has to be some type of responsibility when posting any type of information. Furthermore, the fact that this project involves people from different countries allows a multicultural environment where different points of view can be shared. Lastly, the project included a lot of teamwork activities which helped people to get closer.

In your opinion, how can young people deal with propaganda, misinformation and fake news? Do you have your own tips?

Young people can deal with fake news by comparing two different points of view. The fact that there can be two versions of the same history does not mean that one of them is fake, but that there are two own truths. Furthermore, checking the source from where the information comes from is a great idea to know if it is a subjective article or an objective one. Also, on the project they showed us several webpages where it can be checked if an article is fake or not. Lastly, if people would have been taught about how common it is "fake news" nowadays, maybe they could be more skeptical when reading information.

How do you plan to share and use your knowledge in your local community?

I plan to share and use my knowledge in my local community first of all by informing my closer environment, such as my colleagues and friends, everything I learned in this

project. Also, I will show with a practical example how easy it is nowadays to post fake

news in today's society. Furthermore, I will make my contribution by raising awarness of people in twitter. Moreover, I will post on my social media chanels to spread the results of the training course, in order to reach more people. Lastly, when someone shares with me a news, if I doubt of its credibility I will emphasize on the possibility of it being a fake news and express some ways to check it.

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