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Voluntary Engagement Changes the World!

What does COPERNICUS BERLIN change?

It is no coincidence that numerous people around the world are engaged in volunteering. According to the AWA (Allensbach Market and Advertising Media Analysis), in 2019 around 15 million people were involved in a voluntary work in Germany. More and more people are looking for associations where they can support other people. Through volunteering, they want to define their own identity as a social person and make a positive difference to the world. As a true example, a constantly growing Berlin-based association, Copernicus Berlin e.V. supports numerous motivated young people who strive to create a sustainable society. For decades, many people, regardless of age, have been coming together around the association and with creative, innovative ideas, they have initiated inspiring projects throughout Europe.

Voluntary engagement is equal to "helping" from the heart. This does not happen suddenly. Such thoughts become more mature over time and through experience: you have ideas, you are convinced, you want to implement them. One day you find the best opportunity to realize yourself as a "helper".

The world needs such people just as much as everyone needs air to live. It is generally assumed that finances move the world, and only a few people know that voluntary work actually makes a significant difference. It seems often that such dedicated heroes are despised by society, but no! As long as volunteering shows its first fruits of hard work, these people shine like a sun in society and become an example of how to put your beliefs into action.

If you look a little deeper into the facts, you can see a parallel between social entrepreneurship and voluntary work. Such an entrepreneur is an idea-rich person who, with his or her entrepreneurial activity, creates something new and positive in society, as well as growing financially. So to speak, he or she has merit and at the same time serves the benefit of mankind. In comparison, volunteering is a space of free choice, where the dedicated persons do not become active because of financial temptation, but only because of personal convictions.

If we bring again as an example of an ever small association, it can be noted that the growth of COPERNICUS BERLIN results from the strong will of its volunteers who strive to make their contribution for equal access to education, for the multicultural society and intensive exchange between East and West. They help numerous young people and adults from different countries to realize their goals through the scholarships and various support programs.

Those who are involved in a voluntary work are aware of its value. People with volunteer experience can confirm that volunteering is a piece of personal happiness, which you release and share with others. Everyone should get a chance for a better life: say dedicated volunteers of COPERNICUS BERLIN.

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