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Romanian Group About Circular Economy

Aktualisiert: 10. Nov. 2020

Interview of Daria Comanici from Romania after the Training Course "Circular and Save" in Berlin


Can you give us your opinion about the training course "Circular & Save"?

For me the training cursourse "Circular & Save" was a great experience, I met amazing people, I have learned new things, now I am more aware about what our environment and how we can contribute for a better future. I think this was the project in which I enjoyed the participants and the trainers the most, because I felt that we had a real connection, the activities were really entertaining and helpful and in the free time we had the best time going and exploring arond the city, trying local food and visiting museums. The nights were amazing, staying all togheter in the park and talking about our country, our studies and our experiences, it felt like we were a family. I learned a lot about other countries, local policies, how people see things from a different perspective. The training were really enjoyable, well structured and the trainer were well-prepared and explained everyting in an easy, understandable manner. 

Why is promoting the circular economy so necessary and why we must move towards it?

I think circular economy is very important and we should teach people about it because mass consumption, burning fossil fuels, dense urban environments and ownership significantly endangers the natural and threatens our quality of life. The central aim of moving toward a circular economy is to improve resource productivity by keeping products and resources in use for as long as possible, through reuse, repair and recycling.It is doing more with what we already have. For sure, all physical materials eventually degrade. But if we can prolong their use as long as possible, we will gain more in value by extracting much less. The circular economy is the begining for long-term sustainability and economic prosperity for both companies and countries.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

The most important thing I have learned during the project is that we can reuse and recycle almost everything and that you can do so much with almost nothing. If you use your imagination and put your mind to it, you can create new value for objects. I plan to share my knowledge about circular economy exactly how I share everything in my life, embracing a natural tendency to socialize, encouraging dialogues, communicating and telling people about it, giving examples and bringing up the subject every time I have the chance or I find it necessary. I am also thinking to start by myself to create new stuff and maybe like this I can inspire my friends or persons around me to do the same. 

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