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2020/Macedonian Group About Digital Security

Interview of the Group from North Macedonia after the Training Course in Berlin "Staying safe online, youth workers and digital security" in 2020


According to your opinion, what drives online hate speech?

We believe that the main reason of the hate speech is the unhappiness that some people have. Because of the fact that they are not satisfied with their life. Ususaly they make “fake” profiles, or if they don’t log in with their own profiles and than go to some others profiles on social media and typing negative and inappropriate comments, or make some propaganda of this profiles or persons. Maybe they are just typing their own opinion, but we think this kind of a speech and comments shouldn’t be on social media.

What is the role of youth organizations/NGOs in the prevention of "online violence"?

NGOs can help to prevent the hate speech in a way that they think that can impact the society the most. There are many ways that NGOs can engage themselves and the people in the society. This can be done by different events, projects, seminars like this one for example, by having projects with the schools, by giving reactions on certain policies when it comes to online hate speech or digital security and etc.

What can we do to ensure digital security of young people? What are your tips for staying safe online?

We can not be 100% sure that we are safe online, but there are some tips that we can use as a protection:

  • First of all we should using operative sistems wich are safty as: Kali, Linux, DataDumper, EnCase

  • Than we need to take care about the website symbol that is in the left corner

  • Do not answer to bots/fake accounts

  • To use: AdBlock

  • Antivirus program

  • VPN

  • Different passwords

  • To change our passwords more often

  • To have two steps verification

  • To not use public wi-fi

  • To update our software more often.

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