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Spanish Group About Circular Economy

Aktualisiert: 10. Nov. 2020

Interview of Alfonso Gracia Jornet from Spain after the Training Course "Circular and Save" in Berlin


Can you give us your opinion about the training course "Circular & Save"?

In my opinion the training course was really interesting and informative.

The project was very compelling, especially the way of learning, in fact thanks to an informal method it was not boring. Thanks to this project I was able to learn new things and reflect on an increasingly topical issue.

In addition, this project allowed me to meet people from other countries and consequently discover new cultures and traditions. It was a positive experience for this I advise everyone to participate in projects like this.

Why is promoting the circular economy so necessary and why we must move towards it?

I believe that the promotion of the circular economy is so necessary because many people are not yet aware of the importance of the environment and sustainable development.

We must move towards it because pollution is increasing significantly and if we do not act now there will be no more time.

The linear economic model is proving unsustainable and close to reaching physical limits, so we need a new model that is able to solve these problems.

In addition, the circular economy is based on renewable energy sources and aims to reduce the generation of waste, to eliminate the use of environmentally harmful substances and to facilitate the conversion of products.

In addition, the price of raw materials is constantly rising, so the circular economy for companies can be a strategic choice to increase their competitiveness and profits.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

During the training I learned a lot of important things about reuse, recycling, product restructuring etc...

Perhaps the most important thing I have learned is to be aware of the situation and understand that the way to act must be changed. I will definitely share the knowledge acquired during the course with my colleagues and friends thanks to social networks.

I will apply knowledge whenever possible, recycling , reusing and trying to repair broken objects or alternatively keep pieces that can be reused in the future to repair or create new items.

I think that implementing the circular economy in all aspects is really a challenge but starting from simple actions we can make a difference.

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