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2020/German Group About Digital Security

Aktualisiert: 9. Mai 2020

Interview of German Group after the Training Course in Berlin "Staying safe online, youth workers and digital security" in 2020


According to your opinion, what drives online hate speech?

In our opinion, hate speech is an extraordinary act of violence. Although there are no visible signs and wounds, hate speech hurts dignity and suppresses personality. Her victims can be anyone, regardless of gender, race, age, nationality. Today, social networks have taken over much of our daily lives. On our page, we can be whoever we want, follow whoever we want, talk whatever we want. Indifference to the other person leads to a sense of impunity and intolerance. This is where hate speech is born.

What is the role of youth organizations/NGOs in the prevention of "online violence"?

NGOs can run awareness campaigns to educate young people about the sequels of their actions and words on the Internet. Also arrange interviews with victims of online violence to show how hate speech have affected on real people’s lifes. Young people do not need boring lectures to share personal information on the Internet - most of them have already sexted, sent naked pictures to strangers, commented offensive commets on somebody else’s posts, read fake news. The most important thing is that they never met the consequences of their actions – most don’t know they can be imprisoned for systematically harassing someone online or get sentenced to public service work for non-pecuniary damage. They have to meet the problem face-to-face and feel the importance of being tolerant and considerate even on social networks.

What can we do to ensure digital security of young people? What are your tips for staying safe online?

These days we cannot be absolutely safe online. Every site we go there are cookies and terms of agreement, that we have to accept in order to use it. These `terms` are stealing legally our information and could use as they want. We can start using alternative sites and apps. In addition, we should use longer and more difficult passwords for our registrations and divices. For even stronger protection the users can buy antivirus softwares.

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