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Training Course
From NEET to Compete - A Holistic Approach to Youth Employability

Dates: 01.08 - 10.08.2023

Place: Barcelos, Portugal

Venue: Mobility Friends Campus

Description: The training course targets a critical issue impacting today's young generation - the increasing number of youth categorized as NEET, an acronym for those not engaged in education, employment, or training. The primary objective of this training is to empower youth workers with comprehensive knowledge and effective strategies for promoting employability among NEET youths. It aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to understand the challenges faced by NEET youths, thereby enabling them to better support and guide these individuals towards meaningful employment or education.

Through this holistic approach, it is anticipated that participants will be better prepared to facilitate the transformation of NEET youths from inactive members of society to competent and confident individuals ready to compete in the job market.

One of the distinctive aspects of this course is its practical, experiential learning approach. Participants will partake in various sports activities that serve dual purposes: facilitating discussion and understanding of the topic at hand, and fostering a strong sense of community among the participants. These activities will not only offer a fun, relaxed environment for learning, but will also serve as an effective tool for demonstrating the benefits of team-building, self-discipline, and personal development – all critical aspects of employability.

Working language: English

Costs: Participation fee is 70 EUR. Travel expenses from Germany to Portugal and return will be reimbursed up to max. 360 EUR (if you are flying from and to Berlin). Flying from and to other German cities, travel costs will be reimbursed up to max. 275 EUR.

Accommodation: The accomodation costs are covered. During the days of the training course participants will be accommodated in Mobility Friends Campus3 times meal per day is also included. 

Travel: You can also stay 2 days longer or arrive 2 days earlier and explore the area at your own expense. 

Registration is open until 29th of June.

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