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Training Course
Act Now For Today

Date: 10.10 - 18.10.2022

Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

Venue: 4 Star Hotel - Royal Bansko aparthotel

Description: The project will bring together participants from different backgrounds and
environments, with considerable different knowledge about climate change and sustainable practices. The project will promote responsible and (self)-reflective living, friendly to environment. Throughout the project, the participants will have an opportunity to reflect about the importance of individual acts and get to know some positive practices of sustainable living related to fair investments and local production. Nevertheless, the project will give the participants and participating organisation an opportunity to reflect about personal lifestyle and to “act now”, not wait for a worst tomorrow. The main topics of the project will be environment and ecology, climate change, overconsumption and pollution problematic, recycling, personal and common responsibility for the planet, sustainable living, cultural learning and mutual enrichment.

Working language: English

Costs: Participation fee is 70 EUR. Travel expenses from Germany to Bulgaria and return will be reimbursed up to max. 220 EUR.

Accommodation: The accomodation costs are covered. During the days of the training course participants will be accommodated in 4-bed rooms in a 4-star hotel Royal Bansko aparthotel. 3 times meal per day is also included. 


Travel: You can also stay 2 days longer or arrive 2 days earlier and explore the area at your own expense. 

Registration is open until 3rd of October.

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