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Italian Group about "Welcome Friends"

Aktualisiert: 14. Jan. 2022

Interview of Stefania Renda from Italy after the Training Course "Welcome Friends" in Torremolinos.


Can you give us your opinion about the project "Welcome friends"?

In my opinion the training course was interesting and informative. This project allowed me to learn new things and reflect on an increasingly talked about issue. The project was very compelling, especially the way we were taught; in fact, thanks to this informal method of teaching, it kept my interest much more than the common method of instruction. Thanks to this project I had the opportunity to improve my English and my public speaking skills. In addition to that, this project afforded me the opportunity to meet people from other countries and learn about diverse cultures and traditions. It was a very positive experience that allowed me to grow as a person and because of this I would advise everyone to participate in similar projects.

What can the Eureopean Union do to better protect refugees? or What can Europe do to welcome refugees?

To protect refugees, the EU can reduce dangerous travel, for example by helping NGOs and increasing their numbers. Furthermore, the EU can create a rapid asylum procedure, which should be the same for all European states. To welcome migrants, the European Union should take courses to learn the language of the host country and the way of thinking of the EU. Furthermore, the EU can help migrants when they arrive in the EU by providing them with an internet connection and a place to stay. And at the end the EU should provide medical visas and help migrants with health problems.

What will you do at the local level to promote the integration of refugees and migrants in your country? Do you have some suggestions for activities to raise awareness on the topic or measures to take? Thanks to this training I will share the knowledge I have gained with my friends and colleagues through different dialogues; explaining that in order to achieve the integration of refugees it is necessary to take the active approach. Which to me means promoting the inclusion of migrants, helping to fight for their rights. In my opinion we should do some activities to encourage integration, for example courses where they can show their tradition and culture. I think many people in the EU are misinformed on this matter, which is why at the local event we must explain the difficulties that refugees face every day and how important it is for them to be safe. And in the end, to raise awareness, it is good to teach in schools the importance of welcoming migrants and making children understand that in the end we are all human beings.

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