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Estonian Group about "Think before you post"

Interview of Marika Evert from Estonia after the Training Course "Think before you post" in Yerevan


The most important thing I have learned:

I’ve learned that any of the social platforms are innocent or under our control for 100%. We can control the settings on our privacy and hopefully navigate wisely, but still if hesitate, or not sure - don’t share, don’t post. Do your homework on information sources and talk to more competent people on the field. I plan to summarize our sessions, elaborate on things that were discussed for the local paper back in my town in Estonia and talk about my experience.

Before I start to create my own digital footprint I should ask from myself:

Am I creating a positive digital footprint ?

How am I advertising myself ?

Am I remembering that whatever I post will be there forever ?

Am I thinking about what information is ok to give away online ?

Am I protecting my passwords ?

Not everything we post shows our professional competence, but the content of the videos and photos will definitely create an image of us for a potential employer.

Remember to try to display motivating and inspiring content. Be kind and check the facts before you start publishing anything. There are many ways to entertain your mind, and hobbies can be reflected in many ways. It is certainly not necessary to display every step and every idea, nor every food or drink has to be displayed. Not every potty training moment has to be on display.

Stay professional, stay smart:)

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